Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OK...so the dessert experiment failed...onto new things

So I tried to do this thing, where I made desserts and we celebrated by eating a new one every night...and it went all fine and dandy until the desserts weren't getting done until like 9 or 10pm and the kids were sleeping and Cori had to get to work

And...let's face it...

I cook but I am not Julia Childs and I am not living like that other Julia who wrote that cool Julia and Julia blog

I am a mom of two teenagers and 1 toddler
I am a teacher

and...well...I am tired.

My kids aren't all that adventurous and the grocery store around here barely carries anything more exotic than vanilla extract.

So...in 2013...I am changing the message...desserts and blessings!!!

It is my goal to find blessings every day...and throw some desserts in there too :)

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