Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holy Smokes!!!!

Well...Holy's almost like I forgot my promise to myself to blog everyday (and make desserts.)  Well...OK...I did forget (about the blogging part...not so much about the desserts.)

Life, of course, has continued to race past us at lightening speed.

The boys are settling in at school and continue to amaze me with their unique personalities.  Nick is the most sarcastic, funny, deadpan 14 year old I have met (and I have no idea where he gets it from.)  He has decided that he and his friends are a posse (he calls them his consiglieres...where did he even learn that word?) and they all changed their names to ridiculous things.  His is something like Periwinkle something something something.  He is in speech now too (Discussion so he gets to argue which is awesome for him)

Dylan has some great friends too and has started volunteering at the local theater.  I think what drew him first was all the free pop and popcorn he could eat and drink but he keeps going back.  The free movies might help but I think he is a good kid too.  He hit a rough patch there for a bit but hopefully we are through that (we better be or it's military school)

Our house will be completely paid off this October.  Exciting.  Feeling like a grown-up for a change.  :)  The boys are helping my dad make Finn a playhouse this summer and then we are going to plant flowers etc right around it...maybe even a willow tree.  I am really excited.  The boys are also going to finally get their own rooms (thank you tax returns)  We will start framing them in sometime this Spring.  I might be as excited as they are because then their mess will be contained to their own rooms and I won't have them fighting over who made what mess because it will be pretty easy to see... :)

Finn has had some pretty rough times since Oct.  The past week has been especially difficult.  We had tubes put in on Thursday (pretty basic surgery) and then watched her seize about 25 times in a 4 day period.  She started a fever that night that finally went away fully on Thursday (the 16th) after a night in 2 ERs (don't ask) 3 hours of fast flow IV fluids, IV Keppra, 2 doses of rescue meds and several consulting calls with the Mayo.  She is finally back to her choochy bird self today.  And maybe even back up to her pre-surgery weight.

To celebrate, today we made candy popcorn.  I was going to make it on Valentine's Day but as we didn't get out of the ER and back home until 5am that morning, I just never got around to it.

It sort of tastes like Frankenberry cereal (or some other strawberry flavored cereal...I never really had Frankenberry's just how I imagine it would taste)

candy popcorn
1 bag of puffcorn (or twelve cups popped popcorn, unpopped kernels removed)
1 30z box of jello (any flavor...I used strawberry)
1 can sweetened condensed milk

heat oven to 300 and line a roasting pan with tinfoil.  spray tinfoil with cooking spray or butter
dump popcorn into pan
heat sweetened condensed milk and jello powder over med/low heat until hot and bubbling (4-5 mins)
pour over popcorn and stir with long handled wooden spoon
plop in oven for 20 (I did 25...just in case...I hate mushy popcorn) and stir every 5 mins

spread on sprayed or buttered foil when finished and break apart