Monday, October 25, 2010

Different Priorities

On the 20th we were given Finn's diagnosis of epilepsy with significant delays.  She started her 1st anti-seizure medication on Thursday the 21st. 

Someday maybe that won't strike ominous tones in my head...someday.  Today is not that day.

I have managed to keep making desserts...however insignificant that now seems and we have had cake with lemon filling and lemon buttercream frosting along with homemade apple butter and apple crisp.

Our house smells wonderfully like fall
while I enjoy it
the tang has been taken off, you know

my baby is on medicine to help her brain
her damaged brain
that has left her delayed

apple crisp just isn't as exciting

Monday, October 11, 2010

no dessert!!!!!

I didn't make dessert tonight...unless you count opening the Oreo package as "making" dessert.  It was leftover night and we have to finish all the other desserts before I make new ones...

how sad is that....

leftover desserts?!?!?!

I plan on baking some pies this weekend (apple season) and maybe some caramel apples....yummo

this week is kind of busy (so is next week)
tomorrow I have my review at work (nervous) and then Wed we are off to Fargo for Cori to have an EEG, then working Thursday and Friday to make up for missing next Wed and Thursday for Finn's follow up at Mayo

We are still waiting to hear from Dr. Chugani and I am still fighting insurance to make sure it gets paid. 
Finn has allergies right now and is a snot faced Miss Miserable.  Poor thing.  Tonight she started pulling out her eyelashes. :(

so the recipe for tonight is

go to the grocery store
buy some oreos (I like the golden oreos but tonight we had side regular, one side golden, double stuffed...I had a coupon)
open the package (follow the directions so you can re-close it so they don't get stale)


(man...sometimes I suck)