Tuesday, August 31, 2010

After the rain

Look at me...getting an early start on my writing!!!  Yay me!!!  :)

Last night it poured...I mean POURED (all in caps) and, well, you know, rain makes me reflective.  So I was thinking (which sometimes is not a good idea late at night).

I love my job.  I really really do and it is rare, I think, that somebody really truly loves their job.  I get to do good things (which is good because the Karma is nice, I feel worthwhile, it is a necessary job, not everyone could do it)and it gives me feel a great sense of inner fulfillment.  But, and this just has to creep in there, but, I miss teaching.  I feel like it was something I was made to do... maybe not teach younger kids, definately not elementary kids but...to teach...it satisfies something in my soul.

I love my job.  I feel worthwhile and as if all the things I have been through in my life were to a purpose.  That is an amazing feeling.  But, I miss teaching. 

I guess my goal should be to teach in this job...to teach in a different way.  Maybe not grammar (thankfully) and maybe not with tests but with life lessons and those magical "teachable" moments.  To grab today with both hands and learn from it, to pass the lesson on.

Or...maybe I need another cuppa coffee!!  :)

I have wanted to blog after watching Julie and Julia...because really...who doesn't want to live that life?  I do not, however, want to work my way through Julia Child's cookbook.  I don't want to eat crazy things.  I have midwestern tastebuds...hotdish and simple things.

Maybe I will make a dessert a day for 365 days.  Now there is something I could get behind (and I am sure my behind can get behind...badumdum.)  Dessert!!!!! (different from desert by the double s...you always want more dessert...which is how I remember which is spelled how)


A dessert a day.  Today will be homemade cherry pie.  Cori's favorite.  We are celebrating his POST letter.  His dream.  What he has been working toward his whole career...I am so proud of him!!!

So...nothing fancy
homemade cherry pie...with a lattice crust top...

(of course I didn't plan this out so I don't have the recipe...but I will post later...maybe even with pictures if I can get this thing figured out)

the sky

the sky here is
big sky country
this sky is big enough
all my secrets
all my secret
holding them safe
letting them
drift lazy
in breezes
letting them rage
in wind and storm
storms that wash
me free
in the arms
of big sky

Cherry pie with lattice crust...maybe some lemon infused whipped cream (like a tiny secret safe inside)

Happy Tuesday

Monday, August 30, 2010

Firt time blogging

OK...this is my 1st time with "blogging."  We'll see how it goes.  If I become annoyed with myself and start sounding like those obnoxiuous Holiday letters where everything is Fabulous and the kids are Wonderful and life is Amazing...I can always just shut the computer off, right?

Summer is almost over and it seems as if it went by too quickly.  Nick is 13 already...I remember when he was just a peanut and still cried like a little lamb, when my kisses cured owies and chased monsters away.  Dylan is 12...just yesterday he was a little tyke who was so sick and tiny.  Aubrey is 7 and has spent most of the summer with her "mother."  Now that is a story in and of itself.

My little Roobugster is 15 months old!!!  Where has time gone?  Just 4 seconds have past since she was kicking away and hanging from my ribcage.

I am feeling my age lately.  It is looming out there like a giant semi-truck...honking its horn and heading for our house.  Maybe I need a vacation or a new outfit, possible some shoes and a new purse... :)

Cori passed his POST exam which means he is cleared to be a Minnesota police officer!!!  Yay!!!  I am so proud of him.  It was such hard work and he gave up so much to get it done.  What an awesome guy.  I am so lucky to have him in my life.

This past weekend we went school shopping and I spent $100 on school supplies...when did klennexes get so expensive???

Well...I hear Roobug telling me her diaper is wet and someone better change it NOW so, I guess that is all for this blogging experiment.  For tonight anyway ;-)